Accounting For Refunds Received

purchase returns and allowances journal entry

The account contains deductions from purchases for items returned to suppliers, as well as deductions allowed by suppliers for goods that are not returned. This contra account reduces the total amount of purchases made, which therefore also reduces the ending inventory balance. The above explanation provides a basis to record purchase returns and allowances. As mentioned, these transactions do not impact the purchases account. Nonetheless, it is crucial to understand how a company records the purchase of products or services.

purchase returns and allowances journal entry

Yes, the cost is now $200 lower than it was previously recorded because of the allowance provided by Whistling Flutes. Therefore, we must record the decrease in the cost of the inventory.

Financial Statements

This means that you get a 2% discount if you pay within 10 days. If we returned, Cash or Accounts Payable is going to be the debit – because it goes back up. Then merchandise inventory is going to be the credit, because it goes down.



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The purchase returns and allowances account under the periodic inventory system is recorded to the purchase returns and allowances account which is the contra purchases account. Unlike the periodic inventory system, the purchase returns and allowances are recorded directly as a reduction of merchandise inventory under the perpetual inventory system. Purchase return and allowances are the contra account of the purchases account in the periodic inventory system. It represents the adjustment to arrive at the net purchases. In the perpetual inventory system, the purchase return and allowances are adjusted directly by reducing the merchandise inventory account.

Format of purchases returns and allowances journal

Rather than refunding a customer with cash, you might credit merchandise at your business. purchase returns and allowances journal entry Accounting for a purchase return with store credit is similar to a cash refund.

purchase returns and allowances journal entry

Return outwards or purchase returns are shown in the trading account as an adjustment from the total purchases for an accounting period. When a customer returns something they paid for with credit, your Accounts Receivable account decreases. Reverse the original journal entry by crediting your Accounts Receivable account. Although you don’t lose physical cash, you lose the amount you were going to receive.

Overview of Sales Returns And Allowances

Hearst Newspapers participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. In most cases, the customer receives a refund when they physically return the good. You can also lay out a return time frame in your payment terms and conditions.

Is purchases returns and allowances in income statement?

Sales returns and allowances is a line item appearing in the income statement. This line item is presented as a subtraction from the gross sales line item, and is intended to reduce sales by the amount of product returns from customers and sales allowances granted.

All such events related to returned goods are documented in the final accounts as they have a monetary impact. Depending on a transaction’s terms and conditions, goods purchased both in cash and credit may be returned. If a customer originally made their purchase on credit, the sale was part of your accounts receivable, which is money owed to you by customers. This compensation usually comes as purchase allowances. A purchase allowance is a reduction in the price of goods or services after delivery. It is not a reduction in the price of goods or services before the delivery.

Basic Analysis of Purchase Transaction Journal Entries

WIth FOB Shipping, if you are the responsible party, you can add the cost of transportation into the inventory cost and expense it when the goods are sold. Remember, the inventory account is the purchase value of all inventory.

purchase returns and allowances journal entry

The periodic inventory system is used, and the payable amount is recorded at the gross or invoice price. The Income Statement should reflect your income for the month or year. This is where you reflect the incoming sales, all expenses, and left with a net income. It says a lot about your company’s ability to make a sustainable profit. The Sales Returns and Allowances account is always listed just below Gross Sales. Subtracting the Sales Returns and Allowances leaves you with a total for Net Sales.

Sales are recorded as a credit because the offsetting side of the journal entry is a debit – usually to either the cash or accounts receivable account. In essence, the debit increases one of the asset accounts, while the credit increases shareholders’ equity. The following example transactions and subsequent journal entries for merchandise sales are recognized using a periodic inventory system. The following example transactions and subsequent journal entries for merchandise purchases are recognized using a periodic inventory system. On July 15, CBS pays their account in full, less purchase returns and allowances. The periodic inventory system recognition of these example transactions and corresponding journal entries will be studied in more advanced accounting courses.

  • An allowance reduction is the cost of defective or unaccepted merchandise that a seller issues.
  • When sales returns take place, the cost of goods sold will simply decrease.
  • July 30 Sold $7,000 of merchandise inventory, terms 1/15, n 30, FOB Shipping point with cost of goods sold $5,000 to Bobby Blue.
  • It may be that the customer is unhappy with the product or there is an issue with the product function.
  • CBS does not receive a discount in this case but does pay in full and on time.
  • Any entry relating to the return of merchandise purchased for cash is recorded in a cash receipts journal.
  • Your responsibilities depend on how the original purchase was made and how you plan on reimbursing the customer.

This increases Sales Returns and Allowances and decreases Cash by $6,000 (40 × $150). Unlike in the perpetual inventory system, CBS does not recognize the return of merchandise to inventory. Instead, CBS will make an adjustment to Merchandise Inventory at the end of the period.

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